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Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, has been performing across the Midwest full-time since 1993. What does this mean. This means that with Dan’s experience he has what it takes to not only put on a fun, educational assembly, but put on a program that will also be talked about and remembered. Dan will use personal life stories, life experiences, facts, volunteers, audience participation, prop comedy, juggling and more to hold your students attention and deliver a message not soon forgotten.

Dan enjoys presenting his educational programs in the Chicago Land area and beyond. Fun and exciting programs for elementary, middle and high school students. Dan combines dynamic public speaking with fun and engaging physical antics.

Program Choices:
STOP Bullying – Great program for elementary and middle school students. Dan will answer the questions: What do you do if you see bullying happen? What do you do if you are being bullied? What is bullying? Why do people bully? And more.

Reading Is GRAND – An excellent program for 4K through 6th grade students. Dan promotes reading throughout this fun assembly. Dan even has a book that will have fire leap from the pages. “Just getting kids fired up about reading!” says Dan.

Truth About Drugs – This program is a great fit for all grade levels. Dan has a program for 4K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th or 6th grade and 6th-12th grade. Dan has never tried a cigarette. Dan has never been drunk. Dan has never used illegal drugs. You don’t have to experience it yourself to discover the dangers of drugs abuse. Dan will keep it very simple for the little ones and he’ll share some serious stuff with the older students.

The D.A.N. ShowDo Your Best, Awesome Thinking, Never Give Up. Dan combines simple sciences and character development traits in this awesome program for the elementary student. Dan will present simple science experiments that use gravity, friction, air and more. Some fun juggling and even an optical illusion can be part of the assembly.

Just For Fun – Maybe you’d like a reward assembly program that doesn’t have a specific theme. This program will still be educational and of course fun. All grade levels can have this program. You’ll learn about the performer, juggler, and prop comic, Dan Kirk. Lots of practice and lots of failure went into the making of each of Dan’s programs.

The BIG BIG Family Night Magical Juggling Show! – Do want an awesome evening of entertainment for all ages. Then this is the program. Dan is cool enough for kids, edgy enough for teens, smart enough for adults, and just plain fun for seniors. This can be an hour plus long show. Dangerous stuff is included along with his America’s Got Talent story.

Watch Dan’s video below for even more information!
Contact Info:
mobile phone: 920-722-1881
YouTube Channel: dankirkjuggler

 Chicago Area Assemblies

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