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Sometimes people search for magic and or magicians or Christian magicians. And maybe they really have to have a magician. Usually not though. This is where I come in. I’m not a magician. Honestly, I don’t like magic. It’s a trick. Deception is happening. Maybe even lies. Taking credit for what appeared to happen when what happened had nothing to do with the magician. Anyway, that’s what I think. Can it be entertaining? Of course. Many people like to be fooled. The key is being entertaining. Are you really looking for a magician? Maybe you really want quality family entertainment that truly will entertain everyone! You’d like someone like Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes. Professional entertainment that will motivate, excite, and engage all ages.

For over 25 years Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, has been delighting family audiences across the country. While Dan performs mostly in Midwest. Dan has performed in California, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia and he’d love to visit you. He was even on America’s Got Talent during season 3. Dan is a prop comic juggler. What he does is real. No tricks, lies, or deceit. He’s not a magician or a politician. Exciting family fun for everyone.

Spinning Plates with some Friends

At what kind of event does Dan perform? Dan performs at county fairs and festivals. Dan provides awesome educational assemblies to schools with different themes to choose from. And Dan really enjoys sharing his God story at churches and Christian events. He does perform for all sorts of other events private and public too.

For additional information watch some of his videos on YouTube. Check out his YouTube channel: dankirkjuggler.
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Dan Kirk currently resides in Menasha, WI. He lives with his wife Susan and dog Bobber. They have three grown children, one grand child and another on the way. And for fun Dan really enjoys fishing. So much so he got his captains license so he could officially be called Captain Kirk. You can check out his fishing website at:

 Christian Magician

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