High Interest Day Juggling & Movement Workshops

Train Your Brain: Get Moving & Practice Juggling

Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, teaches brain training workshops to students. The students don’t know that they are doing brain training exercises because they are having so much fun. Practicing juggling and related skills help to improve cross lateral re-patterning in the brain. What does this mean? When you practice juggling and related skills on a daily basis, you can improve your reading skills!

Dan would love to come to your school and teach a juggling and movement workshop or workshops. When Dan is at your school doing an assembly program he’d be happy to stick around and teach a select group of students to juggle. Maybe you’d like all the 3rd graders to give it a try or maybe you have one class in mind. Juggling & Movement workshops are just $75 each with a paid assembly program.

Workshops are great for High Interest Days or a day when the school is doing an activity day with all the students. Dan can do a single workshop or multiple workshops in the day. They can be 30 minutes to one hour in length. 45 or 50 minutes seems to be the most common length.

Dan will start each workshop with a balance exercise. This exercise will take the focus off of the students hands. If you look at your hands you will lose the balance of the object. By training the eye to focus on one area the student will find juggling to be less complex.

Dan will bring all the equipment he needs to put on fun and educational juggling and movement workshops for up to 30 students. For small classroom sized groups, all he needs is a room with chairs and desks moved aside. Dan can and has done workshops for large groups as well. Contact him so you can determine what you may need to provide.

Visit www.DanKirk.com for additional information. For more videos by Dan Kirk please check out his YouTube Channel: dankirkjuggler

 High Interest Day Juggling & Movement Workshops

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