June Dairy Breakfast Entertainment

Dairy Days of Summer!

Come! Have breakfast on the farm!

Have you ever experienced a June Dairy Breakfast on the FARM!? No? Well you and your family are missing out!

Farms all over the state of Wisconsin host a dairy breakfast in each county. Not only do you get a chance to visit a working farm and have an awesome breakfast at a great price, you’ll get some unique entertainment.

Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, can be one source of that unique entertainment. Now is a great time to book Dan to be at your Dairy Breakfast. Dan will provide Strolling Entertainment at your farm.

What is strolling entertainment? Strolling Entertainment is interactive close up fun. Dan can perform some close up juggling for people in line and/or for those who are seated and eating. He’ll do some amazingly wicked ball juggling tricks. All done with a fun, entertaining personality. Stilt-walking is also an a fine strolling entertainment addition. Dan can flip some pancakes while stilt-walking. Always a great photo option when Dan helps make the pancakes while on stilts. And everyone loves balloon animals and hats. Dan can pick a spot and the children will come to him to get fun balloon animals and hats. Dan is quick, friendly, and fun to be around. Yo-yoing, hover board riding, and even giant bubble creating can be a part of strolling entertainment.

Stilt-walkers bring a WOW factor to your dairy breakfast event and Dan is no exception. Tall enough to freak some people out yet short enough to engage his followers. Kids love giving the tall guy a HIGH-FIVE!

Balloon Sculpture:
Dan will create animals, hats and other things. From an aardvark to a zebra, from a lazer gun to a silly hat, Dan has what it takes to make waiting in line a good time. Dan can quickly make over 30 popular balloon requests. It’s amazing what he can make with just one balloon. He’s one of the fastest and the best. You’ll be impressed!

Dan’s juggling is fun, safe and a joy to watch. Dan can do short juggling routines for your visitors while they are waiting in line or while they are seated. Dan will juggle up to 5 balls. He might even juggle the hat he’s wearing.

Dan has been performing full-time for 25 years! He knows how to engage his audiences whether large or small. He was on America’s Got Talent Season 3. And he’s performed educational assembly programs in schools since 1990. For additional information about Dan Kirk, please visit DanKirk.com. Check out videos on YouTube: DanKirkJuggler is his channel. The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes can also be found on Face Book. Questions?? Please email to: juggler@dankirk.com

 June Dairy Breakfast Entertainment

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