Reading Promotion School Assembly

Reading Is GRAND

Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, has been providing educational assembly programs in schools since 1992. What does that mean to you? Dan has what it takes to engage your students, keep their attention, and deliver a message in a unique and fun way. In Dan’s Reading Is GRAND program, Dan will promote reading throughout the program all while delighting your students with quality entertainment bits.

“The staff thought the performance was funny and entertaining. The students loved all the action and were excited to be chosen to participate. The importance of reading message was age appropriate. You were excellent.”
–Scott Wolf, 4th Grade Teacher
McKinley Elementary, Kenosha, WI

Dan Kirk’s Reading Is GRAND assembly program is a great program for elementary age students. Dan combines education with entertainment. Dan is a dynamic speaker and a thrilling entertainer for family audiences. Typical programs are 45 minutes long. Dan alternates between speaking on the importance of reading with being funny and entertaining. Dan will share some books that have helped him as an entertainer and other books that are just plain fun for children. Dan will also share a few reading facts. Do you know that only half of the world’s population can read? It’s true! And you get to learn that skill in school! It’s so awesome isn’t it. I can’t even imagine not being able to read.

Dan will bring everything he needs to put on a great performance. Dan has his own sound system, props, prop table, back drop, etc. Dan tries to make things easy for you. He’ll show up at least one hour prior to the scheduled show start time. That way he can get in and get set up in time for a prompt start.

For additional information on all of Dan’s educational assembly programs, please visit Dan offers a variety of fantastic, fun, and educational programs for all grade levels. Dan also has a variety of videos on YouTube that you can check out: dankirkjuggler is his YouTube channel. Email:

 Reading Promotion School Assembly

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