The Truth About Drugs

Red Ribbon Week Assemblies & More!

Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, enjoys teaching The Truth About Drugs to elementary students, middle school students and high school students. Dan has programs available for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12th grades. And Dan will bring everything he needs to put on an assembly program that is seriously fun.

Dan’s Truth About Drugs program is a great program to have during Red Ribbon Week. It’s also a great program to have any time of the year! Drug awareness, abuse prevention, and education is what it’s all about. Dan combines physical comedy and juggling to get your student’s attention and keep it all while delivering important life lessons.

Dan has never smoked a cigarette or has ever been drunk. Great lessons can come from someone who hasn’t been to the bottom of the pit of drug abuse. Dan teaches to be smart and don’t start. It’s great if we can all learn from our mistakes. It’s even greater if we can learn from other people’s mistakes. Dan has seen the dark side of drugs. He doesn’t need to experience it for himself and neither do your students

“We’ve been doing an anti-drug abuse program for 23 years and you were one of the best if not the best!”
— Eric G. Johnson, District Attorney, St. Croix County
D.A. Stop Drugs Awards Ceremony, Hudson, WI.

Dan keeps the talk very simple for the younger students and he amps it up a bit for the older students. Not all drugs are created equally and Dan will get into that for the older students. Also for the older students (middle school and up) Dan will juggle some dangerous items to get their attention and keep it. He might even talk about his routine he did on America’s Got Talent Season 3.

Although Dan mostly performs his educational assembly programs in Wisconsin and Illinois he’d love to visit you where ever you are. Please watch the video below for more information. And check out the rest of

 The Truth About Drugs

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