Educational School Assembly Programs

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Program Descriptions 2017-2018

Daytime Educational Assemblies:
$425-$625 single (vary according to grade level and group size) 
+ mileage & lodging 
Discounts for multiple programs
Juggling & Movement Workshops: $75 each with a paid program

“This was the best most entertaining assembly I have seen in my 18 years teaching!”
— Joan Raveling, 5th Grade Teacher
Dousman Elementary, Dousman, WI

“Thank you again for taking the time to perform for our elementary students and staff! We hope that you enjoyed your travel to Nebraska and our school and that you will consider returning in the future!”
— Greg Wilmes, Principal
Creighton Public Schools, Creighton, NE

Unicycle Finish!
On Stage or in a Gym!

“Thanks for your words of wisdom about Bullying and the fantastic juggling! What you did for the 3rd-5th graders was perfect.”
— D. Hardy, Principal
Forrestal School, Great Lakes, IL

“We’ve been doing an anti-drug abuse program for 23 years and you were one of the best if not the best!”
— Eric G. Johnson, District Attorney, St. Croix County
D.A. Stop Drugs Awards Ceremony, Hudson, WI

“You wowed them again at Winterset High School!”
— Alan Feirer, Band Director
Winterset High School, Winterset, IA

“Mr. Kirk is not only an excellent juggler, he has an excellent message as well.”
— Lee Searcy, Counselor
Wapakoneta City Schools, Wapakoneta, OH

“I called to tell you that you did a wonderful job! Thank you. We’ll have you back in a few years.”
— Ken Bartelt, Principal
Northwestern Middle School, Poplar, WI

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Why Dan Kirk?

Dan has the heart of a teacher. With Dan’s experience performing in schools, it’s no wonder so many teachers ask him if he is or was a teacher. Dan has taught 1,000’s of people how to juggle over the years.

  • Dan will show up on time with everything he needs to put on a great show.
  • Dan commands respect right from the start by telling the students what he expects from them. 
  • Dan is a gifted speaker who will enhance the lives of your students with comedy and education!
  • Dan will not use teachers as helpers or volunteers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show without fear of embarrassment.
  • Dan offers different themes so you can have a worry free booking experience by having Dan every year or every other year.

Choose from the following educational themes or make a special request:
STOP Bullying  

Reading Is GRAND   

The D.A.N. Show   

The Truth About Drugs   

Just For FUN


Parochial Schools

Dan is also available to teach Juggling Workshops and Artist In Residency events.

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Now Booking the 2017/2018 School Year!
Dan was currently booked at these schools for the 2014/2015 school year and he’d love to visit you:
Book your program dates now!
Martin Luther Christian School, Stoughton, WI
Creighton Community Schools, Creighton, NE
Roosevelt Elementary School, Plover, WI
Wapakoneta Elementary School, Wapakoneta, OH
Cridersville Elementary School, Cridersville, OH
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, La Crosse, WI
Lincoln School, Brookfield, IL
Hilltop Elementary School, Argyle, TX
Argyle Intermediate School, Argyle, TX
G. D. Jones Elementary School, Wausau, WI
Longfellow Elementary School, Clintonville, WI
Ellsworth Elementary School, Naperville, IL
Coolidge Elementary School, Neenah, WI
St. Alphonsus School, New Munster, WI
Indian Community School, Franklin, WI
Seneca School District, Seneca, WI
Saukville Elementary, Saukville, WI
Markesan Elementary, Markesan, WI
Hortonville Elementary, Hortonville, WI
Houdini Elementary, Appleton, WI
Clay Lamberton Elementary, Berlin, WI
South Range Elementary, South Range, MI
Alder Park School, Libertyville, IL
Windsor Elementary, Arlington Heights, IL
Dickinson Elementary, De Pere, WI
Scroll down to see where Dan performed in the 2013/2014 school year.

Getting Students Involved

STOP Bullying: (available for K-12)
Studies have shown that 15-25% of U.S. students are bullied. What is bullying? Why do people bully others? What are the effects of bullying? Do you bully others? What should you do if you are bullied? Dan will seek the answers to these questions and more throughout his program with honest, straight forward talk and some fun juggling too. Due to popular request this program is now available for K-8. The dangerous stuff has been eliminated for the lower grade levels. While the torches and machetes may be juggled for middle school students. This program is Dan’s most popular program.

“Dan’s STOP Bullying show gets an A+. Dan really reached all the kids, and the personal anecdotes were effective. I would strongly recommend him.”
–Judy Felsenthal, 2nd Grade Teacher
Westview Elementary, Platteville, WI

“A great experience for the kids. They were really engaged – especially listened to your personal stories of being bullied.
I’d recommend him.”
–Kathy Berg, Assembly Program Coordinator & Music Specialist
Mound View Elementary, Elk Mound, WI

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A Teaching Opportunity


“Your STOP Bullying program was EXCELLENT. I hope to have the funds to bring back Dan Kirk again for the 3rd time.”
–Leann Snell, School Counselor
Valley View School, Green Bay, WI

“I loved your STOP Bullying program. It was very age appropriate for our k-5 and special ed students. We enjoyed your talents and messages.”
–Lisa Duff, School Counselor
Lincoln School, Oshkosh, WI

Call 920-722-1881 for current prices and availability.


WEB School 01
Reading And Juggling

Reading Is G.R.A.N.D.: (available for k-5)
This fun juggling program is geared toward the importance of reading. It’s great for National Reading Week, Dr. Suess’ Birthday, R.I.F. Week, National Library Week or any time you want an excellent program to promote reading and books.
Do you know that only half of the worlds population can read? How are juggling and reading related? Dan had to practice to be a good reader and he had to practice to be a good juggler. You’ll see Dan juggle and read at the same time, manipulate a hat while a volunteer reads the actions, open a book where real fire leaps from the pages, and a whole lot more. Plus Dan will also share some of his favorite juggling books and non juggling books that have helped him with his career and develop his character. Of course this program is filled with juggling, comedy, and silliness aimed to please the elementary student. (Addresses the standards for English, Language Arts/ Reading.)

“I really enjoyed your program! One teacher stated it was the best presenter we’ve had. Thanks for promoting reading and libraries throughout and connecting reading to how it has helped you today.”
–Donna Young, Library Media Specialist
Parkview Elementary, New London, WI

“The staff thought the performance was funny and entertaining. The students loved all the action and were excited to be chosen to participate. The importance of reading message was age appropriate. You were excellent.”
–Scott Wolf, 4th Grade Teacher
McKinley Elementary, Kenosha, WI

WEB School 06
A Gift For A Volunteer

Loved the math, reading and science content! Loved the humor! Loved the many BOOK TITLES. You were just what we needed!”
–Leah Ross, Cultural Arts Coordinator
Windsor Elementary, Arlington Heights, IL

“That was the best summer program we’ve had. You were great!”
–Kallie Hartman, Librarian
Black Earth Public Library, Black Earth, WI

“Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, helped us start our Read Across America Week! with an awesome performance!
–Mrs. Delgado, Kindergarten Teachern
Campbellsport Elementary, Campbellsport, WI

Call 920-722-1881 for current prices and availability.

Optical Illusion

The D.A.N. Show: (available for K-5)
Do your best!
Awesome Thinking!
Never give up!
This unique, action packed program combines character education with the love of simple sciences. Why do we have rules? Don’t blame others for your mistakes. It’s okay to mess up. Although Dan doesn’t want to drop objects when juggling it does happen. Being able to juggle 5 balls and be good at it took two years of practice. Dan will share stories of success and failure with the students. Along with engaging talk, Dan will mix in some fun simple science experiments that use juggling, friction, gravity, and the air we breath. Dan will impact your students in a way so engaging and fun that they won’t even realize they are learning.

“I thought your show was great! The students understood what the messages were and they were interested and participated in the activities. Thanks for a great Show!”
–Tom Werner, 5th Grade Teacher
Luxemburg Casco Intermediate School, Luxemburg, WI

Juggling On A Pogo Stick?

“Wonderful program and presentation. Excellent responses. The attention and interest of students in both groups were sustained for the entire presentation – – quite rare! I give him a 10″
–Leann Snell, School Counselor
Valley View School, Green Bay, WI


You were great! I loved the science pieces along with the messages.”
–Amy McKeeffry, Principal
Clayton Elementary School, Neenah, WI

Thank you for coming to Sugar Creek Elementary. I loved when you made your head grow and shrink! And when you made that bag blow up all the way in two breaths!”
–Hunter B., 3rd Grader
Sugar Creek Elementary, Verona, WI

“Thanks for the great performance during our Family Math/Science Night!
–D. Hardy, Principal
Forrestal School, Great Lakes, IL

Juggling Workshops Only $75.00 each with a paid assembly!

WEB Super Star 2015
Juggling A Bowling Ball

The Truth About Drugs: (available for k-12)
What is a drug? Do you really know? Why do people use drugs? Why do people abuse drugs? Dan will grab everyone’s attention with some amazing juggling and some serious talk. Throughout the program Dan will pause his juggling and speak on issues pertaining to being drug free, making good choices, and thinking about consequences. Dan will introduce himself as being drug free and talk about what it means to be drug free. He’ll also share true life experiences about drugs, peer pressure, and saying “NO”. This is a very popular program. It’s an excellent choice for Red Ribbon Week, an AODA event, Wellness Week,  or any day of the school year. AODA money is often available. Dan offers different programs for K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-12th grades. (Addresses the standards for Health Education.)

“Thank you so much for coming to Sandhill School. I got some really great feedback from our staff and students about how much they enjoyed your Truth About Drugs’ program.
Thanks Again!”
–Allison Ceponis, School Counselor
Sandhill School, Stoughton, WI

The Staff loved your ‘Truth About Drugs’ presentation and the students were very attentive! I’ve observed three different age groups and each presentation was age appropriate. You’re amazing, thank you!”
–Lela Anderson, AODA Coordinator
School District of Flambeau, Tony, WI

Uni Helper
Unicycle Assistance

“That was very entertaining and education as well. The students were interested and engaged.”
— Ruthann Proue, 7-12 Counselor
Cadott High School, Cadott, WI

“I’d like to thank you for your ‘Truth About Drugs’ performances. I especially liked the way you involved the audience & encouraged them to make good decisions.”
— Amy Cady, School Counselor
Round Lake Schools, Round Lake, IL

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. Everyone loved it. The staff, students and principal had nothing but wonderful things to say.”
–Justine Semo & the Gilbert Stuart PTA
Stewart Elementary, Milwaukee, WI

Juggling Workshops Only $75.00 each with a paid assembly.

Just For Fun: (available for PK-12)
Do you need a reward program?  A program to kick-off the beginning of the school year? A program to end the school year? A program with a large age range? Grand Parents Day? 5th Grade Graduation? After school program? Maybe you just need a program to break up the day and add a little excitement. Then this show is for you. Along with some way cool juggling moves, Dan will toss in a few volunteers, stir in some audience participation and let the fun come pouring down. Dan combines some of his favorite routines that are school friendly and teacher approved for more than just fun!

Juggling clubs with prop table
Ready For The Show!

“I thought your program was great! Hilarious and entertaining! The children loved the performance! They were laughing and smiling the whole time and continued to talk about it after the performance!”
–Maureen Taylor, Preschool Teacher
Elizabeth Meyer School, Skokie, IL

Thanks for performing for us again. It’s great to have you back. Your show is magnificent and your humor is right on. You wowed ’em again at Winterset High School!”
–Alan Feirer, Band Director
Winterset High School, Winterset, IA

“You were such a hit last year! Everyone is super excited to have you come back again.”
— Kelly Arens, Clayton Elementary PTA
Clayton Elementary, Neenah, WI

Juggling Workshops Only $75.00 each with a paid assembly!

Family Night: (available for pK-Adult)
Are you looking for a great event for your Title 1 Family Literacy Night? Are you having Dan perform at your school during the day? Do you want a super fun after school program? Do you want parents to know what kind of programs their children are viewing? Would you like a fundraiser program? Would you like more people to attend your evening event? If you answered YES to any of these questions then look no more! Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes is for you! Dan combines some of his favorite routines from all his programs and puts them into one BIG show. It’s one hour of great fun filled with great juggling, lots of audience participation and the use of volunteers! This show is guaranteed to please the entire family!

Family Night FUN!

“Your energetic, action filled program has once again ‘wowed’ the Janesville children. They loved the Juggler With The Yellow Shoes! Thank you once again for giving us a top quality program.”
–Cathy Norris, Librarian
Hedberg Public Library, Janesville, WI

“You were great! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.”
–Sue Legner, 2nd Grade Teacher
West Elementary, Crystal Lake, IL

“Thank you so much for coming to Sandhill School. I got some really great feedback from our staff and students about how much they enjoyed your program.”
–Allison Ceponis, 5th & 6th Grade Counselor
Sandhill School, Stoughton, WI

“Thanks for the great performance during our Family Math/Science Night! We’ll have you back in Fall during the day so the everyone can see you.”
–D. Hardy, Principal
Forrestal Elementary School, Great Lakes, IL

Call 920-722-1881 for current prices and availability.

Guideposts Cover Photo
Cover Story March 1994!

Parochial Schools: (available for K-12)
Would you believe that Dan was incredibly terrified to speak in public? It’s true! In 10th Grade Dan took a “D” in his US History class because he refused to do an oral book report. Dan went to school to become a chemist and eventually got a degree in graphic arts. He liked to do things his way, but God had a different plan for Dan. After getting laid off 3 times by the time he was 24, Dan decided to lift up his career choice to God. Hear how Dan turned his life over to God and witness the end result of God’s plan for Dan!
Choose any of the above programs and Dan will work his Christian message into the theme.

“You had my kids all but drooling! That was amazing.”
–Mr. Miller, School Principal and 8th Grade Teacher
St. John’s Lutheran School, Jefferson, WI

“We absolutely loved your show, and we hope to have you back in the future!”
–Lisa Smith, School Administrator, Waterford
St. Peter’s Lutheran School, Waterford, WI

“You performed at my school today, Stillson Elementary, and I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say you did a great job! The students all loved you and were excited to get your card. I checked out your website and was excited to see you are a Christian! What an awesome ministry and way to impact many lives with what you do. Keep up the good work, and God Bless!”
–Sarah Merconti, 4th Grade Teacher
Stillson Elementary, Chippewa Falls, WI

Juggling Workshops Only $75.00 each with a paid assembly!

NewsPaper Juggle Boy
Learning To Juggle Scarves

Juggling Workshops: (available for K-Adult)
Yes, you can juggle! Dan has taught 1,000’s of students, professionals and people just like you how to juggle. Workshops are great for career days, fine arts events, high interest days and after school programs. Have a workshop after school and invite the parents to watch. Make it a family event!
Exercise the body and exercise the brain. There’s never been a better time to learn to juggle. Scientists have proven that juggling improves reading skills and concentration. It also increases gray matter in the brain. (Your brain actually gets bigger with regular juggling practice!) Juggling workshops can be 30-60 minutes in length. Dan will bring enough supplies for up to 30 students. Larger groups are possible if needed. All grade levels can learn some juggling skills. Dan can get 70% of third graders to juggle three scarves in just one thirty minute session. If time allows Dan can introduce feather balancing, yard stick balancing, plate spinning and ball juggling too!

WEB School 05
Making Body & Brain Connections

“Thank you for coming to Wilson School and teaching us how to juggle.  Right after school I got some scarves and started juggling.”
–Kathleen P., 5th Grade Student
Wilson School, Neenah, WI

“I enjoyed your workshops, and I learned new ways to present the juggling activities to my students.”
–Cathie Woita, P.E. Teacher
Mound View Elementary, Elk Mound, WI

Juggling Workshops Only $75.00 each with a paid assembly!

Artist In Residency
Incorporate juggling breaks into the school day. Juggling improves brain function, reading ability, hand eye coordination, dyslexia and similar learning styles. Plus it’s a great physical activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Dan will teach a variety of skills so all students will have some level of success.

“Teachers commented that he must have an educational background because he handled the students so well! I really enjoyed the show from start to finish.”
–Cathie Woita, P.E. Teacher
Mound View Elementary, Elk Mound, WI

“I thought you were excellent! The staff thought you were excellent! And the kids loved it!  Total student involvement. (This is a hard group to keep on task.) Thanks for rescheduling. It was well worth it for us.”
–Kathy Freitag, 3rd Grade Teacher
Mound View Elementary, Elk Mound, WI

Juggling Workshops Only $75.00 each with a paid assembly!
Call 920-722-1881 (mobile office number)
for availability and current rates.


Has Dan Been Near You? He’d like to be!
Here’s where Dan was in the 2013/2014 School Year.
Book your program dates now!
Graham Elementary School, Naperville, IL
Decherd Elementary School, Decherd, TN
Wabeno Elementary School, Wabeno, WI
Read Elementary School, Oshkosh, WI
Seymour Middle School, Seymour, WI
Allenton Elementary School, Allenton, WI
Westfield Elementary School, Westfield, WI
Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI
Phillips Elementary School, Phillips, WI
Pardeeville Elementary School, Pardeeville, WI
El Sierra School, Downers Grove, IL
Kewaskum Elementary, Kewaskum, WI
Hudson Senior High School, Hudson, WI
Indian Community School, Franklin, WI
Jefferson Elementary, Merrill, WI
Chilton Catholic School, Chilton, WI
Catholic Central School, Appleton, WI
Valley View Elementary, Ashwaubenon, WI
Prairie View Elementary, Holmen, WI
Campbellsport Elementary, Campbellsport, WI
Trinity Lutheran School, Hilbert, WI
Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, IL
Lomira Elementary School, Lomira, WI
Theresa Elementary School, Theresa, WI
Olympia Brown Elementary School, Racine, WI
Pembine School District, Pembine, WI
Lincoln Elementary School, Port Washington, WI
Wilson Elementary School, Neenah, WI
Forest Glen Elementary School, Green Bay, WI
Readfield Elementary School, Readfield, WI

September 24, 2014
Dear Dan Kirk,
Thank you so much for your time today to teach our students here at Roosevelt Elementary School your talents and your powerful message about bullying.
The students really enjoy PEP Day (Partners in Educational Programs) and you helped to make it a fun, enjoyable, and a wonderful learning experience. Without you PEP Day would not happen. Thank you for giving so much to make this event possible.
Pep Day Committee
Ashley Nightengale
Sheri Hopfensperger