Simple Sciences Assembly Program

The D.A.N. Show!
Do your Best
Awesome Thinking
Never Give Up

The D.A.N. Show is a popular assembly program put on by Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes. Dan has been providing quality assembly programs in schools since 1993 and he’d love to visit you. He often performs in schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. With occasional performances in other states across the country. Share travel expenses by getting multiple schools involved.

The D.A.N. Show is a program that promotes the simple sciences and character development. This program is 45 to 50 minutes in length and geared toward the K-6th grade student. Dan will play with friction, gravity, and the air we breath all while engaging the audience and making learning fun. Throw in a little juggling, audience participation and the use of volunteers and you’ll have a program the students will talk about for weeks.

“Thank you for coming to Sugar Creek Elementary. I loved when you made your head grow and shrink! And when you made that bag blow up all the way in two breaths!”
–Hunter B., 3rd Grader
Sugar Creek Elementary, Verona, WI

“Thanks for the great performance during our Family Math/Science Night!”
–D. Hardy, Principal
Forrestal School, Great Lakes, IL

Dan will bring everything he needs to make having Dan a breeze. Dan has his own sound equipment with microphones. He has his own prop table and props. And he’ll bring a back drop to help create a performing space. No stage is needed. Most of Dan’s school assembly programs take place on the gym floor.

Dan combines dynamic public speaking with some fun and amazing physical entertainment. He’ll get he students attention with his exciting personality, simple and fun experiments, and then he’ll skillfully weave the educational message throughout. Be your best! And yes, failure is all part of the learning process. Never give up, practice hard and you will get better. Believe in yourself. It all starts with you. When you believe you can’t do something you will always be right.

Contact Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes today to book your assembly.


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 Simple Sciences Assembly Program

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