Year End School Assembly Programs

Educational Assembly Programs for the End of the School Year.

Now is the time to book Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, to perform one of his awesome, fun, educational assembly programs at your school. There is still time for a program this year!

Dan’s most popular assembly program for the end of the school year for elementary school groups is his READING IS GRAND program. Dan will encourage your students to continue to read all summer long. He’ll also encourage them to not only visit the library but to sign up for a summer reading program through the library.

How does a juggler promote reading in an assembly program?
Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, is super fun and exciting yet he is quite capable of delivering an educational message throughout all his programs. In Dan’s Reading Is GRAND program Dan will entertain and throughout the program Dan will show and tell about certain books he has brought along. Reading like juggling is a skill that is learned and with practice it is improved. Some people are gifted readers like Dan was gifted at juggling. He learned to juggle in 15 minutes. Reading took a lot more work than learning to juggle. Now in order to juggle 5 balls, Dan had to spend a couple years practicing to get really good. So Dan will entertain then stop to talk about reading or he’ll give a short life lesson reading. It really is an awesome program for the end of the school year.

Check out the video below for some comments on Dan’s Reading is GRAND program along with a list of some of the books he might talk about in his program.

Dan has other programs available for elementary and middle school students. These are:
STOP Bullying – Bullying Prevention Education
The D.A.N. Show – Simple Sciences and Character Development
The Truth About Drugs – Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Enhancing Lives BIG BIG Family Night Magical Juggling Extravaganza – Evening Family Night Fun

Dan Kirk has been providing education assembly programs across the country (mostly Midwest as he lives in Wisconsin) full-time since 1993. Dan makes it easy for you by bringing everything he needs to provide great programs including: sound, props, table, back drop, etc. He’ll even provide a written introduction for you to read to kick off your program. If you have time Dan would love to do some Q & A following your assembly.

Check out more videos on his YouTube channel: dankirkjuggler
More information can be found on Dan’s website:
For questions, email:

 Year End School Assembly Programs

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