Dan Kirk
A juggler’s life…

Dan came into this earth cold, crying and wet, on December 14, 1966 in Neenah, WI.  This was his first juggling experience.  After being dropped by the doctor several times, Dan knew that his life would consist of picking things up.  Dan didn’t actually learn to juggle three balls until he was sixteen.  He practiced hard for two years then poof!  He was an adult and he had to prepare for the real world.  After a great childhood, Dan shipped off to UW Stevens Point where he would study to become a chemist.  Fortunately for the chemistry world, Dan quickly tired of balancing chemical equations and changed his major to printing and publishing.  After experiencing many layoffs in the printing industry, God spoke to Daniel and told him to, “BE A JUGGLER”.  With that in mind Dan stepped out of the real world and into the performing world.  After finding a pair of yellow shoes on sale in a mall, Dan knew he was ready for whatever lay ahead.

Dan Kirk drop background

Dan Kirk is now a full-time prop comic and professional juggler, entertainer, and teacher of the art who resides in Menasha, WI. Dan lives with his wife Susan and their dog Bobber. Dan has a daughter and Susan has two boys. Having three children was perfect for a juggler. The kids are grown up and moved out. All learned to juggle in the 5th grade. And none really care about it.

Dan learned to juggle in the summer of 1983.  He began performing in 1987, and in 1993 he began touring full-time.  Dan was featured on the cover of “Guideposts” magazine in 1994.  “Guideposts” has the largest circulation of spiritual magazines in the country!  In 2012 Dan was an extra in a Geico commercial. And in 2013 Dan was a featured performer in a commercial starring Dale Ernhardt Junior.  In 2008 Dan had the honor of being on the hugely popular TV show, America’s Got Talent. And in 2015, Dan became a step Grandpa! Crazy. With over 2,555 performances throughout fourteen states, Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, is sure to be a hit. Dan provides comic juggling at its finest!

Dan’s stage performances always include exciting family friendly oriented comedy routines, a wide variety of juggling, zany balloon twisting, and the use of audience members.  Dan has great routines available for adult audiences, family audiences, and children’s audiences. Along with performing for fairs, festivals, schools and corporate functions, Dan enjoys sharing the Gospel during his Upward Award shows and other Christian venues. Dan is available to fly or drive to your event!  For booking information contact the Midwest Juggling Company at 920-722-1881.  Share his web site: www.dankirk.com, with others you know. For adult events please visit my Company Parties page.

In his free time Dan enjoys fishing for freshwater species that live in the Midwest. And he likes to take a trip to Northwest Ontario every year with his wife to chase walleye and small mouth bass. He often targets and catches bass, walleye, and musky. In 2017 Dan got his captain license from the United States Coast Guard so now he is officially Captain Kirk.  Dan would love to take you on a guided fishing trip. Or you could even be Dan’s fishing partner to Pine Sunset Lodge on Dinorwic Lake in Ontario, Canada. For more information visit: FishingGuideWisconsin.com. Dan also practices yoga on a regular basis so he can stay in shape for the stage. Although not at all gifted in piano, Dan enjoys plunking out the occasional tune so not to waste his 7 years of lessons. And don’t miss out on Dan’s YouTube videos. Check out his channel: dankirkjuggler. 


EMAIL: juggler@dankirk.com
Mobile Office Phone: 920-722-1881